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Welcome; Tarver Hancock Horses of northern Wyoming
is an elite source of world-caliber foundation horses.

2008 filly by Plenty Coup Hancock
(sold) 2008 blue roan filly sired by Plenty Coup Hancock

      The first thing you may notice when you visit Gary Tarver's herds is their uniformity and consistent quality. There isn't a bottom end in these horses. I don't think there is another herd in the Hancock industry with this much line-breeding, predictability, powerful type & quality in every horse. 


Plenty Coup Hancock: click here for full size photo

Plenty Coup Hancock
, senior herd stallion at Tarver Hancock Horses
100% foundation; 15.2+ hh (guestimate) blue roan
years of foal crops indicate that he is homozygous roan and homozygous black
37.5% Blue Valentine ~ 20.3% Joe Hancock

click on his photo above to open a full size conformation photo

  sire: Mr Roan Hancock
               1980 blue roan
sire: Salty Roan
          1960 roan
sire:  Blue Valentine
           1956 bl rn, by Red Man
dam: Glassy
           1947 sor, by Patron
dam: Gila Joe Hancock
           1965 brn
sire:  Baldy Joe
           1941 brn, by Joe Hancock
dam: Gila Girl 3
           1962 sor, by Blue Eyes McCue

  dam: Bonnie Hayes
                1987 red (bay) roan

sire: Gooseberry
          1973 bay roan

sire:  Blue Valentine
           1956 bl rn, by Red Man
dam: Fox Hastings
           1965 ch x Plenty Coup x Texas Blue Bonnet

dam: Bonny 02
           1970 blue roan

sire:  Blue Valentine
           1956 bl rn, by Red Man
dam: Bonnie Owens II
           1956 bay, by Texas Blue Bonnet

Plenty Coup Hancock

  • is the sire of all horses offered for sale unless noted otherwise
  • sire service not available to outside mares


for sale: Black Jack Coup

AQHA 5550510
2013 blue roan colt
sire: Plenty Coup Hancock
Ms Baby Hancock

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SOLD 2009 stud colt out of Peach Tarver
(sold) 2009 blue roan colt by Plenty Coup Hancock out of Peach Tarver Hancock

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(Note from Weblackey) For those of you who don't know me, Donna Grace, I do websites for a few HancockHorses.com clients. I have bred and sold and exported horses all over the world for decades, and started a horse registry in 1999. Gary Tarver in Wyoming is a great Hancock Horse breeder who met me through our site HancockHorses.com, and asked me about helping him market his horses. Gary is a very honest, modest, old-school rancher & horseman, who values his privacy, and has no computer or internet access, and isn't interested in getting any. He is not interested in having a website (he did not ask me to make this website, so I haven't attempted to be overly creative in Gary's website design, I just used a version of my own site to save time). I created this site for my own convenience ~ and hopefully yours too, since he has such great Hancock Horses hidden away down there. I try to visit Gary every year, and keep current photos of his sale horses posted here.

Gary's sale horses are available at stand-alone prices, or package discount prices; call Gary (phone number below) for price quotes. All will be AQHA registered or eligible. Gary sells mares either "guaranteed bred", or "exposed." He does not include a registered foal in an exposed mare's price, unless he sells her as guaranteed bred (so get that all worked out before any mare sales are made).

Gary Tarver
Tarver Horse & Mule Barn
914 Apricot Street
Gillette WY 82716
If you get message machine please speak slowly

Mr Roan Hancock

Mr Roan Hancock © (pls credit use of this photo)
(deceased, reference stallion) wearing Gary Tarver's K K brand


© Gary Tarver. All rights reserved.


2008 stud colt by Plenty Coup Hancock out of Peach Tarver
(sold) Major Tarver - 2008 colt by Plenty Coup Hancock out of Peach Tarver Hancock